Albums from KISS

We design our albums with Fundy Designer software and KISS Books prints and binds them, and we’re always thrilled with the results. A ton of work goes into these albums–editing the raw photos, combing through them all to pick the right ones for the album, designing the layouts, choosing the colors, collaborating with the client…Seeing the finished product is pretty awe-inspiring. It’s the culmination of the most beautiful, emotional, extraordinary moments of your day, laid out in storybook form for you to keep forever and look at again and again. They are truly works of art that are absolutely unique to you.

All of our packages (which are all very customizable) include a wedding album, but options abound — do you prefer a linen cover? Leather? Tuscan leather with engraving? Add on some 4×4″ parent albums with a simpler design, and then splurge on a bigger, heavier album for you? Albums always come with 10 spreads (20 pages) and you can add up to 30 more…because it’s always painful to narrow it down 🙂 Maybe albums really aren’t your bag, in which case, we’d love to talk wall art (think metal mounted prints or huge canvas gallery wraps).

Here are just a few examples of some albums we’ve made, all shot here in our office in Columbus.KISS books_0002This is a 10×10″ Tuscan leatherbound wedding album with cover engraving. The pages are beautifully thick and sturdy and have a matte finish.

KISS books_0003KISS books_0004KISS books_0005KISS books_0006The above is a smaller version of the Tuscan leather album with a lighter cover color and no engraving.

KISS books_0007Linen albums are very popular, and look really sharp with cover engraving. The pages, while still sturdy, are much thinner than those in the leather or Tuscan albums and the finish is slightly glossy.