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Beer School Photo Sessions

If you’re the kind of person who likes to know everything you possibly can about a thing before you commit to it, read everything on this page. If you’re more the impetuous type (like me), you can just go ahead and book now (but really you should read this stuff if you’re gonna book).

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

We’re doing a hybrid beer-tasting and photo session. Booking costs $99, and all photographic materials (prints and digitals) are sold separately. Digital collections cost an additional $199 or $499, and à la carte prints and digitals will be available. Book now by clicking here, keep reading, or send me a message.

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Okay tell me more

This is a photography and experiential collaboration between Brewdog and me (Shutterhead Studios). It’s a unique AF opportunity to get some bonkers good pics and drink some bonkers good beer. This is the format:

  1. A 20–25-minute Beer School (3–4-beer tasting and walkthrough) with pics
  2. A 15–20-minute mini photo session
  3. A short in-person or video meeting with me after the shoot

What Do I Get?

That’s sort of up to you. For $99, you get the Beer School for two people (additional people are welcome for $15 each; maximum of six total) and the photo session. All digital files and print products are sold separately. Here’s how that process works along with how much additional money you’ll spend to buy some or all the pics:

  1. We do our shoot. It’ll be fun as hell.
  2. Within 3–5 days, I’ll send you a Calendly link to book a short Zoom meeting to view the pics via a badass slideshow, and I’ll show you the gallery.
  3. I’ll give you a tiny pitch and a super-soft sell, and then you’re free to buy some, all, or none of the pics.
  4. The gallery will be available for a week, but if you buy the full collection ($499) within 24 hours, Ima throw in that slideshow for free ($250 value), because I can.
  5. Check out the sample gallery here.

Your pics might look like these but with you in them instead.

five digitals: $199

Get some pics.

Your choice. Any five ultra high-res files for you to print, share, and otherwise go hog-wild with.

all digitals: $499

Get 50+ pics. Save $1,500.

No deliberation required. Just give me that money, and you get ALL of the files in the aforementioned ultra high-res. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, you’ll likely get 50+ files. At 40 bucks a pop, that’s a savings of 1,500 big ones.

not ready yet or no time slots available?