Mini Session Registration

Oh hi.

I see you’re trying to get your hands on some mini-sessions.

You’ve navigated to the right place. Just type your pertinent details into the form, and you’ll be automatically placed on the mini-session mailer. Going forward, this is how I’ll announce mini-session weekends as well as how you’ll be able to sign up for a spot. I may also announce on social media, but that will be after everyone on this waiting list has been offered the right of first refusal. So if there are spots remaining at that point, they might be at less-desirable times of day.

Mini-sessions may be $99 or $249 or less or more or somewhere in between. Sometimes they might come with stuff, something everything will be à la carte. It just depends on the event and the context. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Mini-Session Mailing List