The Youbooth is, quite simply, a new take on an old favorite. It combines aspects of the traditional photobooth – creativity-fueled, immediately gratifying, and mustaches–with the dynamic lighting, artistic freedom, and superb quality usually reserved for studio photography.

The Youbooth does not discriminate based on age, sex, or political affiliation; it will never disapprovingly ask if maybe you’ve had enough; and it will always encourage you to be yourself (but will understand if you want to play make-believe for a while).

How does it work, you ask? Well, using magic and various bits of sorcery, we combine a camera, a movie projector, a computer, and studio lighting to show off each picture as it’s taken. Guests may leave a contact email with the peace of mind that we will never send them spam or anything that isn’t related to the Youbooth or something otherwise totally sexy and cool.

We’ll also give you, the event’s MC, exclusive rights to use the images for all your personal, sharing, and blackmail needs.

The Youbooth can be purchased as part of a wedding package, or it can be purchased on its own. Regardless of which sounds right for you, the Youbooth will be a hit at your event. And your friends, unable to recall the last time they had this much fun, will shower you with praise, all the while wondering where you get your inspirado. That’s arguably the best part.