michaela + scott {via vecchia}

Why I love these photos:

  • Everybody was SO down to clown
  • Many of the group and portrait shots are technically “posed,” but they don’t feel like it, because everybody in them is comfortable
  • I know it’s cliche af, but a stunningly beautiful bride makes my job so easy
  • I had enough light in the alley during the sparkler scene that I didn’t have to bring out my own lights, and I like how the sparklers look when they’re untainted by my external influence
  • The variation in lighting produces not only dynamic individual images (light + shadow within the photo), but a dynamic and still cohesive complete album (thematic but not repetitive lighting)
  • The warm interactions juxtaposed with the imposing, austere architecture allows me to write a sentence like this
  • Scott and Michaela are just so goddamn cute together

If you see something you like or want to discuss any of these way-too-detailed bullets in more depth, send me a message.