molly + adam {columbus museum of art}

Why I love these photos:

  • I was so comfortable with Molly and Adam that it took almost no time to warm up to their bridal party. That meant I could be like, pretty raunchy with them, which is always fun
  • Molly looking insanely elegant in beautiful
  • Adam’s wearing a white jacket
  • The variation in lighting and textures is kind of really hard to pull off, but it makes for SUCH a dynamic and interested full collection
  • They. Hired. A. Falconer.
  • Since I did the previous bullet point in staccato for effect, I wanted to reiterate in plain language. They hired a falconer, because they wanted to have BIRDS OF PREY at their wedding. Who tf does that?
  • The shot of Molly and the owl where they’re both like “I super don’t trust you.”
  • One of the groomsmen is holding up a fork to applaud after a speech. It makes me laugh every time I look at it
  • One of my very best photographer friends, Jess Miller, second shot with me, and I was SO lucky to have her.

If you see something you like or want to discuss any of these way-too-detailed bullets in more depth, send me a message.