Well I’m assuuuuming you mean for your engagement session and then for wedding portraits and basically anything that isn’t your ceremony or reception.

The simple answer is pretty much wherever you want. Sometimes people know exactly where they want to go, and other times they just want me to choose. Though most of the time it’s somewhere in between (isn’t it always).

The more complicated answer (you asked!) is that it sort of doesn’t matter, and it also matters a lot.

Say what now?

It sort of doesn’t matter because it’s just the backdrop. Our photography sessions together aren’t about the backdrop. They’re about the interactions between you and your partner, our combined creativity, and the experience of togetherness. So provided that we choose somewhere that isn’t like a Walmart or bowling alley parking lot, we’re probably going to be fine.

Buuuut also we’re not really going for “fine.” Yes, we’re going for “natural” and “being yourself,” but making incremental improvements, like choosing a location with plenty of light, shade, and a variety of colors and textures, can make a HUGE difference in the final pictures. Ideally, we’re trying to make the background—including the light and shadows and colors and textures—highlight and complement you and your relationship.