What if I get the final collection of pictures back and I don’t see one or more I wanted?

I get this a couple times a year. Most of the time, the answer is “no,” and there are two parts to why: First, after twelve-plus years of culling, editing, and organizing images, I’ve gotten exceedingly efficient and, *ahem•, good, at it. During my first pass through your images, I remove all the shots that [...]

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How do we figure out locations for our various shoots?

Well I'm assuuuuming you mean for your engagement session and then for wedding portraits and basically anything that isn't your ceremony or reception. The simple answer is pretty much wherever you want. Sometimes people know exactly where they want to go, and other times they just want me to choose. Though most of the time [...]

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Why is wedding photography expensive?

An old painter sips coffee at a cafe and watches the foot traffic pass busily while he waits for his breakfast. A lady sitting with her friends at a different table recognizes him and humbly approaches. She tells him she loves his work and that he’s so talented and would he be willing to draw [...]

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Can I edit the final images you send?

I spend a lot of time editing, color correcting, and cropping  (when necessary) every image in your finished collection to look as good as I think it possibly can. For images used in albums, I will edit again with a finer attention to detail, which would include blemish and spot removal, additional cropping, and [...]

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