I spend a lot of time editing, color correcting, and cropping  (when necessary) every image in your finished collection to look as good as I think it possibly can. For images used in albums, I will edit again with a finer attention to detail, which would include blemish and spot removal, additional cropping, and blending or removing distracting elements from the frame. Of course, not every set of eyes has the same perception of things—especially subjective things like color, composition, and “pretty.” If after you receive your finished collection, you would like additional edits made to any of the images, I will be happy to do so for an additional per-image or per-hour fee.

As for you editing or adding filters to them, please don’t. For one, the images you receive are compressed, JPEG files, which means they will not take to editing well. Trying to re-edit a JPEG would be like trying to mix the levels on a song you’ve recorded on the radio or adding some additional layers to an oil painting you bought in a gallery. I edit the RAW files, which are akin to–to stick with the analogies–the individual master tracks of a song or a still-wet oil painting.