Hoo boy THAT’S a big question.

I believe that a photography session, whether it’s for a family, a baby, a wedding, an engagement shoot, or some commercial shots, can be an experience that is about more than just the pictures from the shoot. It is an opportunity to explore emotions, build relationships, and maybe try something that I’ve never done before. Instead of soliciting smiles and poses, I’ll interact with you. I’ll try to make you laugh, and I’ll try to make you make each other laugh. Conversations don’t have to be about photography. They can be about your life or my life or our favorite movies, or maybe we can just sing songs. I’ll never try to make you look or act or feel like somebody you aren’t, because pictures of you as you really are make the best pictures. For example, my favorite group pictures are the ones where everyone is still getting ready to pose. I know we have to do the posed, family pictures. I know those are the ones people print and put on the mantle. But I think the time in between the posing is what’s actually precious. When you aren’t thinking about your fake smile or how much you wanna be done with pictures. In that small window, you’re the most present. Whether you are happy or sad or bored or agitated or whatever, you’re so genuinely you that I can’t believe it ever even occurred to anyone to say “look at me and smile.”